The Asian Age logoWe as a species have managed to beat the deadliest of disease, explore other planets, and even find a way to create babies in a test tube. And yet we still haven’t found the answer to some very simple problems: baldness, for one. Missing socks in a washing machine. Or who let the dogs out!?

Millenniums have passed, we men are yet to find the G-spot and yet we claim to know our way around women. I may fair no better yet it doesn’t keep me from dispensing advice in print and (at national circulation levels) about how men should tackle the prettiest conundrum that God ever sculpted.

What follows then is a handpicked (we like the word handpicked, makes everything feel so…so curated and special) selection of scribbles from my column where I step away from the drinking and the eating and all that subsequent running to talk about our favourite subject, that which precedes wine and song.

If you still don’t get it, Q.E.D.

If Truth be Told (30/06/2015) – Why men need to appoint one man whose job is to tell all women exactly like it really is.

Cracking the bro code asian age (06/05/2015) – The unspoken code of conduct that men seem to know and follow, unbeknownst to the fairer sex.

Why men should want to be woman for a day (08/03/2015) – Quick thoughts on why being a woman could be advantageously better for men.

How To Behave Around Women (25/03/2015) – A quick guide for men on how to conduct themselves around their fairer friends. Being appropriate without overdoing it.

Gender-ally Speaking (11/03/2015) – Thoughts on why India stifled the documentary “India’s Daughter” by Leslee UDWIN and, if I dare add, why it was a stupid move!

What Men Need, a word on Meninism (25/02/2015) – Why men too need a movement to defend their rights as also feel pampered equally.

Women and the art of Frenemies (12/01/2014)– How women can balance that subtle act of being friends and yet sworn nemeses. Or, can they…

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