Magandeep singh, Sommelier, Wine Taster, India
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As the site gently matures!

Hello friends (or not)!

My name is Magandeep SINGH. I am a wine taster and educator, food and wine writer, host of the TV show "Around the world in 85 Plates" on NDTV  Good Times, passive activist, accidental philanthropist, acute spermologist, a few things I am not allowed to mention here and some others I can't spell, or even pronounce, but all that doesn’t limit me believing in my untapped potential. I am sorry if it offends you. Actually, wait, I am not sorry, stay offended; and unless you know where I live you there's not much you can do about it!

The site is in dire need of a facelift, I know. The site needs a miracle makeover with lots of magic and prayer, that too I know. For now, this is it. I will add random and unnecessary information about wines I taste, places I dine at and people I exchange visiting cards with. Read it, please, it’s the only way I will ever feel acknowledged for having to sit through boring tastings, for the shoddy service I receive at most restaurants and for visiting cards enough to build the Great Wall of China in dominos!

This website is no more an attempt to mark my territorial surf-space than what a dog does to a tree! Feel free to browse and in case you are still here two clicks later, all I can say is that we all have the right to choose our own devils. I am not pretentious, or unapproachable; if you think or feel so then there must be something more to it.

In parting, if there was one final piece of advice I could leave with you, it would be this: Listen, Breathe...and Moisturise!





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